Sometimes action-packed, sometimes dreamy - either way, MiMaMo makes children's eyes light up and hearts melt, goosebumps guaranteed. This year's participants include the Kunterbunt horse theater, which will delight visitors with great costumes, horses, ponies and even dogs. Their program this year is entitled "Elfenzauber".

Rather fiery it goes again with the Icelanders. With their temperament, grace and speed, the racy horses make the arena shake and provide fun and action with their tölt and racing pass, which is like a volcanic eruption.

Courageous riders, dynamic, well-balanced horses and with deep roots for ancient traditions - all this characterizes the riders of La Bardella Maremmana. They already thrilled the Hanoverian audience a few years ago and also this year the Italian butteri will show fascinating insights into the culture of the rare Maremma horses.

Three brothers, 1 horse and breathtaking vaulting performance - the internationally successful Brüsewitz brothers are an integral part of MiMaMo and may not be missing this year.

Living harmony - this is how you could describe the work of the Liberty trainers Claudia Miller, Thomas Günther & Uwe Weinzierl with their horses and ponies. Without bridle, without saddle in liberty the three different teams show a liberty picture of the special kind.

Also present is the popular shepherdess Anne Krüger-Degener. She directs from the horse together with her shepherd dog centimeter-exactly ducks and rams and impresses thus by harmony between horse, dog and humans.

The Pony Association in Hanover has been taking part in the Pferd & Jagd for decades and is also a popular regular at MiMaMo. The young riders from the Pony Association show a great quadrille with ponies from all over Lower Saxony and create a great atmosphere in the hall.

On the other hand, the Liberty youngster Marie Desodt is in Hanover for the first time. She shows shows full of confidence and harmony, with horses and ponies, without saddle and bridle.