The patented MARKSMAN ST-2 video simulation system was developed in Sweden with the help of experienced hunters and sport shooters. It is suitable for shotgun and rifle shooting. For this purpose, you use the weapon of your choice at the trade fair and can test it optimally.

It is not only evaluated whether you missed or hit, but also how it happened. You receive exact data and facts as a basis for optimization - e.g. about the swing and lead. This allows you to identify your strengths and weaknesses. The precise evaluation of the entire movement until after the shot is fired is presented transparently and comprehensibly.

You can practice shooting with shotgun and rifle at clay pigeons, targets and 3D-animated scenarios in real time (e.g. hunting ducks, chickens, hares, pheasants, bear, elk, red deer, sows or roe deer).

You receive a precise evaluation of the hit probability or the probable killing effect, including movement analysis.

When shooting with a shotgun, the effect of the shot is calculated and the probability of a sufficient hit is then displayed. If you are shooting with a rifle, various parameters are evaluated to assess the point of impact and effect of the bullet in the body of the game - e.g. ammunition used (caliber and bullet), angle of impact, etc.

The technology can be used by anyone - from absolute beginners to ambitious professionals.

Hunting shooters will be just as enthusiastic as sport or hobby shooters.

With the system, you stand 3 meters away in front of a 6 m wide and 3 m high screen. This gives you a 90 degree field of view.

Our service plus as the perfect complement to the high-tech equipment of our system: On request, we can give you tips on how to improve your shooting skills - in a completely analog way, from person to person.