Sandra Busse, responsible project manager of the event: "We are very happy that we can finally get going again and are proud to be able to present the big, international top stars of the scene again this year." Whether it's fast-paced action or loving liberty dressage, Busse promises that magical moments will run through the entire program.

Thanks to Alizée Froment, among others. The exceptional French artist and Grand Prix rider is already a guest at the "Nacht der Pferde" for the third time and will be demonstrating her skills with her exceptional horses, ridden to perfection - in free dressage, at a high artistic level and with her own unique and inspiring calmness, which has such a positive effect on her work with the horses.

The Icelandic horses are anything but calm. They inspire with a mixture of speed and perfection, with tölt, pass and everything that belongs to the fiery show troupe.

Three brothers, 1 horse and breathtaking vaulting performance. Also this year, the internationally successful Brüsewitz brothers will provide special goose bumps moments on horseback.

For the first time in Hannover Anna Blomgren will be present. Among other things, she trains horses for competitive dressage. Her credo: In order to convey to every horse - no matter whether it is a problem horse or a highly sensitive dressage horse - the joy, motivation and confidence of working together with humans, she sometimes takes unusual paths in training them.

Courageous riders, dynamic, well-balanced horses and with deep roots for old traditions - all this characterizes the riders of La Bardella Maremmana. They already thrilled the Hanoverian audience a few years ago and also this year the Italian butteri will show fascinating insights into the culture of the rare Maremma horses.

One of the really great horse artists is the Frenchman Gilles Fortier together with his team from VALINKA. He impresses with extraordinary horses as well as with artistic performances on the highest level.

The hall will be shaken by the rider Ludwig Weinmayr, who has been successful several times at European and World Championships, with two teams and a dozen of fantastically beautiful horses. In a spectacular driving show, Weinmayr demonstrates what it means to drive a 6-horse carriage in a very confined space. And that is by no means all. The famous Kladruby nad Labem stud farm from the Czech Republic, which has set itself the task of preserving the Alt Kladruber horse breed as a cultural monument, will also be sending a 6-in-hand horse and ensuring pure driving fascination.

And another Hanover premiere: For the first time, the Liberty young artist Marie Desodt will be showing shows full of trust and harmony, with horses and ponies, without saddle and bridle.