The horse theater Kunterbunt

Acrobatics & Gymnastics

on horseback

Every year the acrobats on horseback, the vaulters, provide special goosebumps moments at MiMaMo. Also this year, the internationally successful top vaulters Brüsewitz brothers with young vaulters show a great picture!

Claudia Miller, Thomas Günther & Constanze Weinzierl

Complete connectedness

Lived harmony - this is how you could describe the work of the three Liberty trainers Claudia Miller, Thomas Günther & Constanze Weinzierl with their horses and ponies. Without bridle, without saddle in freedom the three different teams show a freedom picture of the special kind.

The islandic horses

The horses of fire & ice

What would MiMaMo be without the spirited Icelandic horses? With a mixture of speed, perfection and grace, the Icelandic horse riders of the IPZV invent themselves every year anew and provide with the special gaitsTölt and race pass for atmosphere and pure action.

Anne Krüger-Degener & Team

Pure harmony

Anne Krüger-Degener, a popular shepherdess in Hanover, conducts ducks or rams sitting on a horse with centimeter precision and impresses with an incredible harmony between horse, dog and human.

The equestrian group La Bardella Maremmana

From Italy

Courageous riders, dynamically balanced horses and with deep roots for old traditions already inspired the Hanoverian audience a few years ago. Also this year the Italian Butteri show with their horse breed, which is threatened by extinction.

The big pony quadrille of the Association of Pony and Small Horse Breeders Hannover e.V.

Dream ponies!

Many a child dreams of having their own pony. The Pony Association in Hanover has been present at the Pferd & Jagd for decades and at MiMaMo the young riders show a truly great quadrille with ponies from all over Lower Saxony!

Special Guest from France - Marie Desodt and her ponies

Boundless confidence!

Hanover premiere! The Liberty junior artist Marie Desodt shows with her horse and pony rattle gang without saddle and bridle a picture full of trust and harmony.